Eagerly, I waited for the October issue of PDN to come. I already knew what was inside it, but I wanted to hold it in my own hands, see it with my own eyes.  I had never won a photo contest before, let alone one facilitated by such a highly respectable publication.  I never would have thought.

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This morning, I drove a good friend to the hospital for a long procedure.  He handed me a small stack of magazines, “Some reading material while you’re in the waiting room,” he said.  Okay, so not only is he a good friend, he is my greatest mentor, and approriately, the first magazine in the stack was this October’s issue of PDN.  It must have just come out.  This one is for my mentor, David Edwards, for encouraging me every step of the way and for being a part of my creative journey over and over again, and sometimes by coincidence.  Happenings like this reassure me I picked the right line in the rapid.

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